Modular layout blocks

On Friday I received my BrickLink order of 6 x 8 green plates. The price was low compared to other types of plates and it was essential for my modular layout plans.

Lots of green 6 x 8 studs plates

Now that I have plates I started doing more experiments with modular tracks on the weekend. I'm still missing the parts for track bedding and my technic bricks are limited for the bottom modular connections, but hopefully these parts are not uncommon, so it won't depend on one single BrickLink order.

Modular tracks and motorized switch

I also finished motorizing the train switch, so now I can go order the parts for 30 switch remote controllers.

As you can see in the middle I also tested adding a normal green 32 x 32 baseplate using two faced tape to secure the bottom technic bricks. It worked quite well the height almost perfectly matches the other modular blocks. The only difference is the green plastic shininess. The baseplate doesn't refelect light as much as the 6 x 8 plates.

Uphill track with tan colored base

Here you can see my uphill experiment with tan colored bricks. The problem is to find the good of slope degree which can be still kept as a 16 x 16 horizontal sized unit and to making sure the modules can be still connected without gaps.

One tower from Tower bridge set (10214)

I finished the weekend with building one tower from the LEGO Tower Bridge set (10214). Next task is to modify the building design to fit more into a minifig scaled world. Windows and balcony must be enlarged and possibly one floor removed. The rooftop looks good already.