SteinWAHN 2012

I'm behind with my blog posts. In the past weeks it was slower in the LEGO side of my life. I had to make room in my appartment and move my collection. Also I have many kilograms of mixed used LEGO bricks to sort which is time consuming and boring. I will write about it later...

Two weeks ago I visited the Berliner SteinWAHN LEGO exhibition. I didn't bring any MOCs, but I joined the AFOL evening and stayed for the next day. It was a very nice experience. My German language is not so good, but people were very friendly.

This was my first exhibition I visted after my "dark age". The level of detail of the creations very impressive.

Working roller coaster

The themes varied from modern city, antient building, space sci-fi, working roller coaster and a lot more. For my taste there was very little technic and in the city layouts the trains were more like an extra feature instead of the primary focus. Although there was a big train station and a nice train bridge.

Train station

The conclusion for myself was to focus also on the environment and buildings around my future train layout. I'm looking into differnt ways to add more detail to my train setup.