Back from long hiatus

It has been quite some time I posted on the blog. Last year I had the crazy idea to be an exhibitor on the largest LEGO show in Germany. My very first exhibition. It was a crazy ride, I run out of time for lot of my plans, but at the end I managed to find workarounds and had a nice digital train layout. It was a great experience. I will soon write a separate post about it.

I put everything in for the show, worked day and night to be ready. Didn't have much time for blog writing. Afterwards I kind of got a LEGO overdose. The holidays were coming and I focused on other aspects of my life. Now my LEGO passion is starting to come back and I'm focusing on the tasks ahead.

At moment I don't plan to go on another exhibition anytime soon, but focus on a home LEGO train layout with all the advanced features I had in mind last year. I'm also planning to write more detailed posts about my progress.

Let the fun continue...