TGV - Horizon Express

When I was a child we had a card game with pictures and some information of trains. The value of a card was the maximum speed of the train. The highest value card was the french orange colored TGV. This year LEGO released a new creator train set based on this train. Last year I got very excited when I first heard about this set. In January I received one as present and I also bought a second to be able to build a full proper length train.

LEGO Horizon Express

The building was fun. The set also has some new parts, like inverted tile. I didn't have time to motorize yet, because at the moment it's exhibited on a self in my office. Once I'm finished building my modular tracks with bedding I will try it out at home on a big layout with digital control.

Looks like the old orange TGV

One year from now when it's get discounted I will probably buy more and keep it in original box as investment :)