Red Robot v1

Before starting the train project I was working on a red robot using NXT Mindstorms with 3 motors. It's a simple humanoid robot with one motor for each leg and one motor for moving the head. The idea is that the head will balance the weight during walking. Unfortunately I didn't have time to implement walking yet. Just in case I also added a gyro sensor which may come handy for balancing. I will get back to this project in two weeks...

Red Robot v1 using NXT

Because each leg has just one motor I was using large gears and liftarms to transfer the knee rotation to the hip. The arms are fixed because original NXT can only handle 3 motors. Later I'm planning to extend this configuration with third party extensions and more motors.


After finding out about Bricklink and increasing my LEGO Technic collection I realized I need a better organized storage. I choose Stanley modular plastic cabinet from a local home improvement store. It turned out quite good. It has easy to open transparent compartments and I can stack and vary different types of modules.

Cabinet organizer with transparent plastic compartments.

My first technic sets

In June 2012 my friend got an Unimog LEGO Technic set and for some reason this brought back memories. I always wanted to build LEGO Technic, but never had the chance when I was a child. I decided to give it a try which after few weeks turned into a full-scale LEGO hobby.

My first two sets were the 8070 Supercar and the 8043 Motorized Excavator. Two impressive sets with power functions motors. It was fun to build. I also got some holder briefcases for organizing the bricks. It later turned out to be not efficient enough.