Fana'briques 2015 Timelapse

Here is my first video from Fana'briques 2015. More will come later. I'm traveling a lot these days, have little time for editing and post processing...

My first ever timelapse video made with Canon 6D and Samyang 14mm lens. Rotation with Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. RAW image post processing by LightRoom and LRTimelapse software.


Fana'briques 2015 layout

Some statistics:

  • 2194 16x16 stud module area (~36 m²)
  • 1148 straight rails
  • 204 curve rails
  • 47 RFID sensors with semaphore
  • 40 motorized remote controlled switches

The layout was redesigned from last year. With the modular structure it was very easy. Lot of curves removed, especially "S" curves which are too hard for the 9V motors and the steam locomotives. We also added a lot of details like the waterfall and hills. More roads with long bridges.

During the show it was hot weather. The train motors got slow and warm after a while. Unfortunately the automated train parking/switching software was not finished so we had to manually add and remove locomotives. We also used much less railroad cars as planned.

The RFID train detection was working good. Last year the I²C protocol got lot of distortions from the DCC AC signal, but with more robust software this could be solved. Simple 4 wire telephone cable was enough without differential signaling (GND, +5V, SDA, SCL).

This year I also stared focusing more on photography and video recording. Expect some YouTube videos in the near future. Also made time-lapse video with rotating Star Adventurer mount.

Just for fun had a few business cards. Logo was designed by my brother.

Fana'briques 2015 initial pictures

Yesterday we got back from Fana'briques 2015. It was a great exhibition. Our layout got much better compared to last year. Unfortunately the automated train controlling software was not finished.